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 Perfect for Brand activation campaigns our RF DMX technology will leave one's potential customers wanting to see more of their featured product by adding a capturing presence to compliment the product with synchronized lighting all being controlled on the go and at one's fingertips. Standing out from any other product at an expo would be as simple as a snap of the fingers with our proprietary technology. Adding multiple lighting zones to control and the full color spectrum available to choose from the possibilities are limitless with what one could do using our RF DMX lighting technologies.   REMOTE GLOW to this nightlife industry will revolutionize nightlife and bring the most 

amazing interactive experience. Amaze your guests, vip's or attendee's with this truly 

unique and one of a kind Pro Lighting solution. Connecting with your audience or 

market is one of the most important aspects you can do with DMX)))R REMOTE 

GLOW. Imagine being able to control and interact with different zones of your venue 

separately with integrated technology in your products you already have. An 

innovational break-thru as well as a low cost wireless DMX solution for Special Events, 

Venues, Stadiums and Brands to create a truly immersive and engaging presentation by 

extending any light show into the audience's hand. Implementing DMX)))R REMOTE 

GLOW in your venue adds more value to anything. 

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