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DMXRemote Props, Creative Concepts,
& Custom Designs. . .

Custom Technology, Custom PCB Printed Circuit Boards, Bespoke Branding for all of your shows needs.

Custom design, creation, and fabrication of fully DMX controllable and immersive Props, Signage, POS, and Bottle Service Presentation pieces. With our Patented PCB Chip, we are transforming every idea into a DMX Controllable intelligent lighting fixture.

Control the atmosphere of you Venue, with the press of a button, or show program file. Have your RF DMX Props and Bottle Presenters Glow in sync with your show, house lights, stage lighting, wristbands, cups, wands, and LED Ice buckets.

The worlds first immersive and fully DMX controllable system for custom props, POS, and on premise brand displays!

daer solo guitar red.jpg

Great for On Premise VIP Bottle Service runs, Custom signs, and LED Props!
Ask about our custom design process, custom options, zone control for your Brands needs! ODM Original Design manufacturing and Fabrication.

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